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Birthdate:Jul 2
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I have a major fetish for vore, stuffing, and burping. I don't mind puke, as long as it isn't outrageous. I guess feet are pretty cool too. I love muscles and big, stuffed guts. But I don't like them too big. I like loud stomachs too.Uncontrollable burping is boss. I only like soft, oral, micro/macro, or same size vore. Have a major fetish for Shadow, Levi, Eren, and Bertholdt. And by fetish, I mean all of the things listed above.

Interests (36):

a bunch of rock artists, amulet, bertholdt, burping, costume-making, drawing, eren, erwin, excersising, gaming, germany, godzilla 1954-2014, haru, inuyasha, lapfox trax, levi, ludwig, mlp fim, monstercat, muscle gut. and that's all you need to know., muscles, pacific rim, princess luna, reading, sculpting, shadow, snk/aot, snk/aot/acwnr/aot junior high, sonic universe, sonic x, spyro, stuffing, the living tombstone, videogame ost's, vore, wreck-it-ralph
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